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How Debt and Finances Can Impact Your Health and the Wellbeing

Everyone knows that debt and financial problems have an effect on both your credit score and your overall finances, yet debt can affect far more than that. Studied have shown that debt can affect both your physical and mental health, much the same way they have proven that depression can cause physical pain in people suffering from that illness. Digging yourself out of debt is one surefire cure to this health problem, and one that is sure to improve your overall well being.

Debt can also cause relationship problems, from inter family relationships to problems between husbands and wives. A study published in 2015 by financial writers from Installment Loans Hub, where they documented that newly weds who fought over financial issues were more likely than any other couples to split within five years. Money fights trumped even arguments over sex, nights out with friends, and household chores.

Those who fall into the high debt category in a recent study experienced the following medical conditions:

Muscle Tension and back pain: 51 percent
Migraines and tension headaches: 44 percent
Severe anxiety: 29 percent
Ulcers: 27 percent
Depression and other mental health issues: 23 percent
Heart attack: 6 percent

These figures are alarming, specially when compared to the low debt case study:

Muscle Tension and back pain: 31 percent
Migraines and tension headaches: 15 percent
Severe anxiety: 4 percent
Ulcers: 8 percent
Depression and other mental health issues: 4 percent
Heart attack: 3 percent

The numbers show an increase in every health condition across the board for those with a high debt load. People with high debt loads also tend to forgo doctor visits in an attempt to save money, which can endanger your health. That is just for immediate care, people with high debt loads tend to forgo preventive care in an effort to conserve cash, further compounding their health problems.

While some of these studies can be considered dubious at best, like the Ohio State University study in 2011 that attempts to link high stress with a lowered levels of beneficial bacteria while showing elevated levels of harmful bacteria in the bodies digestive tract. Other studies are spot in such as the 2013 study by the Northwestern University which proved subjects experience higher blood pressure when they have high dent to asset ratios. A study by AOL points towards the likelihood that high debt loads can cause stress which can lead to an increase in episodes of migraines, back pain, and muscle tension, not to mention risk for heart attacks.

Not only can high levels of debt and financial problems lead to health issues, it can also put a serious dent into your social life, and cause social isolation. People with high levels of debt often have to forgo social events and functions due to lack of funds to attend. It can even lead to not being able to travel to family during the holidays, such as Christmas time. In 2013 the Public Library of Science linked high debt loads with social isolation, so this is an issue that has been gaining attention of scientists. High debt loads have been linked of course to suicide and thoughts of self harm.

If you are deep in debt, you owe it to yourself, your family and your overall well being to tackle that debt head on. While it may seem at times that you cannot overcome deep levels of debt, you certainly can. You can make use of this website to learn tactics and strategies to become debt free. Becoming debt free takes time, effort and a lot of dedication, but it can be done. This can be the year that you start down the path of financial freedom, you only need the will to start down that path.

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